Amsterdam Boards is a product from the Amsterdam based company “Hout van je Stad”. Which means ‘Love your city’ and ‘wood from your city’ at the same time.

What we do:
We make beautiful and sustainable products from local trees which otherwise – as is all too often the case – become reduced to wood chip or smoke from a chimney. In this way, not only do we avoid wasting quality wood, we simulataneously create products with a purpose and a story. Products to treasure, be proud of and which connect you to your city.

In each product we make, the exact origin and name type will be engraved as memory of the tree that it once was. Via the QR code on the back of the cutting board or the label you can find more information
and the exact location where the tree once stood.

In our workshop in Amsterdam we put our heart and soul into the design and handmade production of our cutting boards and other products. Our cutting boards are made in collaboration with Pantar, an organisation which offers employment to people who have a distance to the labour market.